second quest in wolf s clothing how to find the way to the cave underwater a few people got stuck here and i get it its kind of confusing at first i love the fact that witcher 3 makes us use our brains a little to figure stuff ou เควส feed morkvarg in wolf s clothing ผ านย งไง the witcher 3 wild hunt in wolf clothing quest walkthrought the witcher 3 wild hunt is an action rpg developed and published by cd projekt red is the final entry in the geralt saga of the witcher series this follows this video is a short walkthrough that starts as the nameless mission but also pletes the wolf s clothing mission depending on if you want to save mork everything you need to know about in wolf s clothing from the witcher the witcher 3 wild hunt in wolf s clothing werewolf in the garden morkvarg curse morkvarg s journal talk to einar find craven the witcher 3 wild my number one reason why this game ultimately did not achieve excellence is this excessive excessive extreme endless mouth flapping i think if you broke it down this playthrough would be something a video guide showing how to plete the contract quest in wolf s clothing on the witcher 3 wild hunt also applies to the quest contract to kill morkvarg